A New Economic Outlook

A New Economic Outlook

There is a lot of ancestral pain around what we call money. Throughout the ages, (and as it stands today), some people had money; most did not. It’s been associated with power and oppression; you could (and still can) buy and sell a person. Yet, money has no energy whatsoever. It’s neutral. It just is what it does. In this century, “what it does” is changing – fast.

The idea of money has often been misused over millennia to destroy, and we all carry some of that memory and pain. But in a few short years from now, certainly within a hundred, we won’t have money. Money, as we know it, will become obsolete, antiquated, irrelevant. Some of this change is technological, some is in response to global necessity, but most of this shift is driven by a new and emerging consciousness that will take us far beyond our outdated systems. We are on the verge of an economic correction, individually and collectively. 

An Old Fable

A man goes to his Spiritual Guide and cries out, “I want money. I need money. Why don’t I have money?” The Guide warns the man to be happy with what he has and offers to help him learn to build his skill and wealth. He suggests that the man avoid the traps of jealousy and greed. But the man insists, “I want all the money in the world! And I beg you to do your magic and make it happen.” The Guide says, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” However, after much insistence, eventually the Guide says, “Okay, done. You shall have it.” Immediately all the money in the world falls on top of the man and, of course, kills him. 

So be careful what you ask for. Money is what money does. Life must have a flow, so there can be a supply, so that things can move in your life. Don’t try to control it. Control may show up in love, in money, as stress, manipulation and procrastination. But it can mess up your life. Instead of controlling life (and others), control yourself – and apply your intuition.

Intuitively, you can always produce wealth. Every human being should have everything that they want, need and more; there’s certainly enough to go around. But when you have a block with money, it means there’s a block in another area as well. There’s something else that’s not free or flowing within you, within the world as we know it. Money itself is never the issue. 

You have a river of the past, you live in the present and you’re always one step ahead. That’s the privilege of being human, to have intuitive capability. You have time and space. Yet, you’re not governed by either. You can sail through it all. You can create. You can intuit. You can prosper. You can correct your own economy and help to set the way forward for all.

Excerpts and notes from Yogi Akal’s lectures.