Beyond Traps and Blind Spots

Beyond Traps and Blind Spots

While negative messaging can result in fears and blocks to success, positive messaging can also carry traps and blind spots that are destructive to presence, vision and achievement. Planted early on, and often carried forward into adulthood, these subtle interlopers can lurk in the shadows of a confident message, undermining authenticity, trust and reward.

Children are particularly susceptible to these mental and emotional implants. A dysfunctional home may place a child in an untenable position, essentially “hiring” them to play a powerful role, appropriate for an adult, but impossible for a child. They may be consciously or unconsciously assigned to act as an alternative spouse, peacemaker, secret keeper, protector, nurse, therapist, savior, garbage collector, joker / entertainer / agent of happiness, toy, dupe, or other “fixer” job.  

The tragedy is that the child will always lose because they are not yet formed and are unqualified for any of these adult functions. Nevertheless, the young person’s ego is usually convinced they must master their assigned task/s and will keep trying into adulthood, creating serious dips in their path, blind spots, and patterns of great effort with little real achievement. They will likely find themselves acting out their failures, repeating disappointment and suffering from substantial exhaustion or depression. 

Even positive communication in a loving home and a supportive school can be problematic. A well-meaning set of encouraging messages that does not grow with the child can easily lead to an immature self-image in an adult, along with success avoidance, and abdication of responsibility.

The ubiquitous lowest common denominator approach to love, “I just want you to be happy”, sets up children (of all ages) to fall through the cracks, where success is often so close and yet just out of reach. This happiness syndrome is encouragement without technique, resulting in sluggish discipline, low expectations, passive-aggressive jealousy patterns, and co-dependent competition. The intent may seem innocent and endearing, but it is a trap – leading to weakness of mind, frailty of emotional commitment and learned helplessness.

The most insidious negative patterns do not come from others; they are self-created. For example, a  “winning” style, charm or charisma, without mental sharpness, can twist into suspicion and mistrust. Natural talent, without consistent training, can turn to distraction and blame throwing. Stress, when masquerading as strength, can lead to conflict, corruption and lack of follow-through. Loyalty and vulnerability, without pedagogy, assure dangerous naiveté in relationships and decision-making, with dramatic leaps of grandeur that come to nothing. Independence, without clear values, can become solitude and cruelty. Love unleashed, without practicality, propagates fantasy and creates greed.

So, how does this affect you – what are the traps in your process and blind spots in your projection? What is holding you back from connecting to, sustaining, and then expanding your birthright of success? How can you perform seamlessly and consistently, advance flawlessly and consciously, and triumph in wealth and accomplishment?

 What has been planted long ago, or has been created by you, is now habit. Let us transform these obvious or hidden immature patterns with new choices, alliances and techniques. 

To begin the transformational process, do your best to affirm the following:

  1. I am professional, and clear.  (YES)
  2. I move forward with discipline in order to recognize and anticipate obstacles.  (YES)
  3. Money is what money does; it should not be a goal. (YES)
  4. I take ownership of a plan and gather wealth to create a credible reality. (YES)
  5. I use daily meditation to improve concentration and intuition.  (YES)
  6. I create a solid outlook.  (YES)
  7. I value working with others, as combining talent creates greater outcome, and disciplined partnership brings greater (global) respect.  (YES)
  8. My entire sense of communication must come under my command.  (YES)
  9. I show mercy and bring hope.  (YES)
  10. I cultivate a new instinct, adjust to a new paradigm and create a deeper, higher plane / path.  (YES)
  11. I stand up for who I am, authentic, completing all obligations with purpose.  (YES)
  12. I inspire to manifest and speak as inspired, calm and centered.  (YES)


Excerpt From Yogi Akal Lecture Series, 2018