Renaissance Mind:
Healing Practitioner Certification (RMHP)

Expand your professional credentials.

Deepen your knowledge as you work to heal problems at their root, rearrange energy and reset direction for individuals and groups. Learn to identify root issues and apply Renaissance Mind and Healing technology to uplift and transform your life and the lives of others.

The RMHP Certification Course builds on Renaissance Mind: Healing Studies, giving you ample hands-on experience in applying Yogi Akal’s proprietary protocols and transformational methods.

Beginning with live workshops and individual assignments where you will receive ongoing coaching and feedback, you will progress into a supervised practicum that prepares you for working with clients and patients in a variety of settings. You will complete your course with the RMHP certification exam.

Once you are certified and actively practicing, you will maintain your RMHP credential with annual Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities. Earn CPD credits through a combination of exclusive Renaissance Mind offerings and selected learning from other providers.


Renaissance Mind: Healing Studies


• Online lessons + live webinars
• Live, multi-day workshops

• Supervised practicum
• Certification exam (in-person)


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Note: Students are responsible for individual travel costs for live events


Build on your foundational knowledge with professional certification.

Gain professional recognition as a certified Renaissance Mind: Healing Practitioner (RMHP).


(Year 1)

Establish your knowledge base in the essential vocabulary and techniques of the Renaissance Mind and Healing system.

In your first year of study, you will complete an online curriculum while you engage with your peers in scheduled webinars and complete independent assignments.


(Year 2)

Develop your applied skills through live workshops, mentorship and practicum to achieve certification as an RMHP.

In year two, you will practice what you have learned and complete a supervised practicum in facilitating healing for groups and individuals. This step ends with the certification exam.


(RHP renews annually)

Deliver healing to your clients and community through a professional practice, clinic or as a complimentary methodology.

As an RMHP certification holder, refine your expertise with continuous professional development activities on an annual basis.

Become a Renaissance Healer

Use your Renaissance Mind to accelerate healing for humanity.

Renaissance Mind: Healing Practitioner Certification is an interdisciplinary course that combines the powerful skills of transformational counselling, energy medicine and the yogic arts and sciences to address the needs of all who seek and deliver health, wellness and guidance. 

This course, created to develop you as a complete healing instrument, is a culmination of decades of work and research by Yogi Akal.

It is ideal for:
• Holistic Practitioners
• Yoga Teachers and Therapists
• Medical Professionals
• Counsellors
• Post-Secondary Students
• Independent Learners

Whether you’re early career, an experienced professional or seeking a new career, Renaissance Mind: Healing Practitioner Certification will equip you with the skills and tools needed to elevate your capabilities and accelerate your growth.


Kickstart your personal Renaissance.

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Take lead in the renaissance of healing.

Renaissance Mind: Healing Practitioner Certification is an invitation for healers everywhere to embrace their leadership responsibility in the modern renaissance.
What we’re training people to do is not just healing in the traditional sense – we’re teaching people to recalibrate a person’s direction, their whole life, and to do this work on a global scale.

– Yogi Akal