Renaissance Mind: Healing Studies
Next course begins September 20, 2022
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Renaissance Mind:
Healing Studies

Become a leader of the modern Renaissance.

Engage in a transformational journey designed to expand your mind and your life in ways you haven’t imagined. Benefit immediately from a step-by-step process of self-exploration and growth. Unlock the secrets of enlightenment, change the energy of your mind and reset your purpose.

In this one-year course, you will re-examine life from the Renaissance Mind perspective. Work with the yogic arts and sciences and learn Yogi Akal’s proprietary healing methodologies, all to better understand yourself and others. As you progress, you will apply these principles, practices and techniques to create and lead profound change.

Healing Studies can be taken for personal enrichment, or as the prerequisite for certification as a Renaissance Mind: Healing Practitioner (RMHP).

For a limited time, students will be able to work directly with Yogi Akal as he trains both students and teacher-practitioners. This is your opportunity to learn directly from the master of the system – do not delay, start learning today!




• 12 months to complete
• Four 12-week modules
• Online lessons + live webinars


$9,200* USD
* Payment plans available


Fall classes start September 2022 – apply before August 30, 2022 to get your early bird discount!

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Renaissance Mind: Foundational Studies

Experience a new kind of strong.

This essential toolkit offers a new blueprint for how you can perceive the world, address difficulties that arise within it, and upgrade your ability to deal with change, anxiety and stress. Foundational Studies introduces the Renaissance Mind, focuses on how you can learn to live better, thrive more and strive to become healthier and calmer in the face of adversity or change.

Through five online modules, you will explore the impact of external and internal stressors, the pressure of performance, how to find balance and avoid burnout. Build your resilience and lay the foundation for becoming unshakeable in the midst of anything and everything.

Customizable for groups + organizations of every size.




• Est. 2 months to complete
• Five modules
• Online lessons + practice exercises


$799 USD


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21st century problems cannot be solved with 20th century solutions.

None of us can continue to ignore stress or be victimized by crushing anxiety – what we have to do is learn to foster a new and different mental state through the resilience of the Renaissance Mind. Now is the time for building strength to handle rapidly increasing stress and anxiety levels occurring worldwide – not next month, not next year – but now!

– Yogi Akal