If You Are Not Alert, You Get Hurt

If You Are Not Alert, You Get Hurt

There is a very active addiction flooding the world today. It’s called trance. Some people experience it through drugs. Some people act it out through illness. Some people mesmerize themselves because they are overly proud of their intellect, or feel spiritually superior. Others think they’re not smart enough, or abdicate their mind. Some people lose themselves to television, the internet, whatever. The third eye of humanity is too open, unregulated, undisciplined, misunderstood. Whether it is deliberate or passive trance, it’s escape, it’s spaced out, it’s disconnected. It’s dangerous.

Meditating Is Not Escapism

Most people need to close their third eye before they can open it up properly. Meditation training is very effective for this kind of precise calibration. However, be careful not to turn meditation into another kind of trance, habitually emotional or intellectual. Many people make the mistake of expecting emotional catharsis, real or imagined, every time they try to meditate. Or they don’t feel as if they are meditating successfully unless they see colours or have physical experiences like shaking. Worse, they may congratulate themselves for entering an “astral world” or having an “out of body” experience. This is just more escape. Stay in your body, stay present, and meditate to discipline and balance your mind. Without a disciplined mind, you are living in a limited reality, a fantasy. Without a balanced mind, you can’t really enjoy life.

Some people are afraid of their minds because they have no meditative filter and do not trust their intuition. This leads to suffering. You, as a human being, have the unique capability to contribute to your tomorrow. A dog can’t do that. The tree can’t do that. They will grow in time, but a human can actually participate in creating their future. That is where intuition is so vital: it is faster than the speed of light, accessible to every person, and completely neutral.

The Neutral Mindset

For those who believe in positivity, you are not thinking properly, because, for every positive, there’s a negative. You can be positive all you like, negative is coming round the bend, down the pike. For those who believe in negativity, you are also missing the point. Negativity doesn’t last. Eventually, there’s going to be a positive. People can get sick from the negatives and can be avoidant with their positives. When you live a life of positive and negative, or negative and positive, life is up and down; it becomes chaotic or egomaniacal. It doesn’t go anywhere.  

The neutral mindset is ideal for our modern times. Neutral doesn’t mean you don’t care, or are inactive. It is neither negative nor positive. It is the weighing of both sides and the next step; it is deliberate action with a trained mind, a creative and meditative process. It is the power of intuition in a peaceful and effective inner world and the epitome of brave activism in the outer world.

Excerpts and notes from Yogi Akal’s lectures.