The Secret

The Secret

The secret to life, love, liberty, success, and leadership is command – the power to command one’s own mind. Without this capacity, the qualities, values and virtues of human grace are lessened.

The mind is meant to serve the human and not the other way around. This takes training, guidance, practice, and intuition.

Just because you have a thought or feeling doesn’t mean it is real, is of value or needs to be expressed. Unfortunately, we often equate the presence of a thought or feeling with reality. This causes great pain. It is an addictive form of suffering, brought on by incomplete training. 

Every thought has to pass through various channels to arrive at its processing point, where it can become a desire or an action or be discarded. Beliefs follow the same route, as do emotions.

Since thousands of thoughts are released into this process per second, most of it is behind the scenes. Repetitive emotional thoughts are filed away in the same place after a while and through lack of discipline are let loose.

The human ecosystem flourishes with discipline, It opens up new spaces to use in every realm of the physical, mental, spiritual, and even emotional when thoughts are filtered properly.

This is where intuition can be so valuable, as it is much faster than thought. The intuitive mind weighs the ins and outs of any situation before time and space take control of it. Every human has this capacity built-in. It is not a feeling as that is too slow. It is not an instinct as that is too limited.

Life is not linear. It can be complex, overwhelming and oppressive unless intuition is engaged continuously, and command engaged without exception.

All life is an art meant to be lived as a science. The technology that connects and commands the two is intuition.