The Five Pillars of Safety and Security

yogi akal business consultant
1)  Commitment to Dialogue

Community factions engage in proactive problem solving and ongoing peace making when real dialogue is built into the fabric of governance. A commitment to diverse points of view supports the success of any safety program.


2)  Eradication of Poverty

Every economy, whether a nation, continent, a corporation or a family unit flourishes when it encourages centres of excellence, develops economic independence and healthy interdependence.


3)  Innovation in Security

Although necessary in certain situations, violent enforcement is the least practical, most expensive and worst means to protect societies. Sustainable non-violent safety, security, enforcement and prevention is the foundation for success in 21st century conflict resolution.


4)  Healthy Communities

Building urban hubs with self-contained cores and enlightened design, assures success in the transformation of communities overwhelmed by growth and lack of planning.  Fresh food, streamlined healthcare, upgraded education, beautiful ecosystems, green transport, etc. can be easily provided when innovation is interwoven with development in modern cities of all sizes.


5)  Disciplined Leadership

Non-reactive, disciplined leaders break the rational paradigm and create space for intuition, innovation and authenticity in communication. They win over people from all strata of society and bring the big ideas to reality. There is never a reason to raise one’s voice, but if you must, yell loudly, be calm and fierce – and synchronize the grass roots, corporate influencers and security personnel to one singular peaceful vision.

The Five Pillars of Safety and Security