Innovate for Peace

On March 20, 2003, I awoke to the news that another war had been launched, this time with an invasion of Iraq led by a U.S. coalition. I called my team together and said, we too are launching a campaign, we are waging peace. One day we will look back and wonder how this kind of illness of war had afflicted our humanity and our planet for so long. Let us begin the healing.

Peace is a discipline. It requires measured action and neutral training. Many of the same qualities of war are necessary to achieve peace – strategy, patience, negotiation, intelligence, acceptance, tolerance, precision, commitment, etc. Reactivity is not one of them.

Peace is not simply the absence of war. Once you experience peace, you do not want anything less. It requires courage to achieve, sustain and guard. If we turn the discipline of battle to the discipline of peace, we achieve a society that will never want anything other than the consciousness of peace.

Let us be brave and not repeat our failures, but rather turn hostility to calm, dominance to justice and inequity to balance. We have a duty to achieve a sustainable peace, within ourselves, collectively on our planet and beyond. This is not a passive experience or one reserved for the few. It is the sovereign right of all people, a minimum standard for future generations.

On March 20, 2003, I made a simple gesture, a toe in the water of peace, with free meditation programs, held daily without fail. We waged peace through meditation. A tiny step in some ways, a massive one from another perspective. 

Since then I have taught leadership, launched activist organizations, reported on disasters and inequities, taught more meditation, created controversy, settled grievances, and helped to solve problems for those in positions of power and influence.

During my career as a Yogi, and especially over the last decade, I have dedicated myself to creating and supporting culture-changers, leaders in government, education, media and now finance. My intent has always been to bring people in my student and professional network to new facets of their potential and life purpose; to enhance their impact and positive influence, and most importantly, to encourage them to take strategic quantum leaps for their own advantage and for the betterment of society.

I have been successful in this area by keeping my network quite small, and my reach large. This year, I am working with an editor to publish my first book. While this creative endeavour underscores everything, I am very determined to also bring certain projects to fruition in the short term. This includes local and global business efforts, new courses and healing centers – all innovative, large scale and beneficial. During this time, I will draw on the fundamental Yogic technique of Sadhana, the art of spiritual discipline, as the foundation for this stage of my life expression. I invite you to share this with me. 

Let us, each in our own way, meditate together and share our path of peace and healing with as many people as possible. Let us work together to build strong minds, resilient bodies, a consciousness of maturity, and a commitment to transformation.

Peace is not gentle. It is fierce. We are people of compassion and hope, but we too can be fierce. This is my invitation to you, to innovate for peace. To be forward-thinking, fierce and present.

Innovate for Peace