To See Or Not To See

For decades, thousands of personnel, costing millions of dollars, have been working in clandestine bunkers and mysterious settings around the world to develop a secret weapon:  extra-sensory subterfuge. Their aim has been to achieve power and disruption of power through corporate espionage, military interference, government surveillance, and social movement infiltration.

It is just as you might imagine it: in one office sit groups of remote viewers, trained to see what transpires in another location, using only their minds. In other locations, from secret laboratories and home basements to moving vehicles and fake executive suites, remote senders transmit messages, also using only their minds. On both sides, instruments record brain waves and assess stress, veracity and accuracy. Can an officer on either end “see” an officer in another location and track their movements and environments?  Can they intercept their thoughts and manipulate their thinking?

Remote viewers are not imaginary, they are real. They spend countless hours hoping to learn skills in manipulative clairvoyance – peering into someone else’s mind or their bedroom, taking control of their brainwaves or their microwaves, making it rain or disturbing magnetic fields.  In other words, psychic warfare.

One such warrior insisted on impressing me with his skill, as he concentrated and appeared to be straining. I couldn’t help thinking that he looked like he was on the toilet and perhaps constipated.

The truth is that entering the mind, body or spirit of another is not that hard. But it is a very low level of connection, no matter how much one may strain. What a huge waste of time, energy and resources.

The mind control of the future is not the control of another’s mind; it is the control of one’s own mind, one’s own psyche. It is within easy reach for every individual and community.

A sophisticated intuitive mind is priceless. In developing a relational understanding of reality, the threats to our personal energy and thoughts, including digital or cyber attacks, can be reduced and eliminated. The extra benefit is that we can use the same energy to communicate more effectively, and reach new heights of personal and collective intelligence, discovery and peace.

I once knew a famous Yogi. During a talk, he told his followers that he could visit them in subtle form as they slept. One of his students, a young American man, yelled out, “Get out of our bedrooms!”.  He promised he would. The well-intentioned and legitimately gifted respect limits and have manners. All else is very heavy karma.

To See Or Not To See