Contract for the New Year, Part One

Repeat aloud:


I am a GENIUS, solving problems, calibrating possibilities, creating concrete results, excelling in real time – like a fine Swiss watch. (YES)


I am a solid, grounded, healthy ADULT, recycling any pain of the past into a fertile and infinite ground for personal self-worth, achievement and success – like a state-of-the-art automatically updating computer and operating system. (YES)


I am an INNOVATOR, a modern culture changer, dedicated to helping others, through business, compassion and leadership – like an unobstructed space telescope on a mission to better the Earth. (YES)


I am a WARRIOR, master of my own destiny, self-assured, different and uncommon, noble and majestic – like a modern day King Arthur and his court, or a corporate giant like Oprah and her brand, or Robin Hood and Lady Marion with their team, re-distributing wealth brilliantly. (YES)


I am a disciplined person – a LEADER – wise and fair, caring and secure, providing the best in opportunity and values, powerful and authentic, reliable and trustworthy in life and in love – like the Sun itself, rich and full of light. (YES)


I am a seasoned PROFESSIONAL, legitimate and meticulous, capable of turning threats and losses into winning strategies and gains, instilling leadership with all its ups and downs into all matters, always moving forward, recognizing and anticipating obstacles and opportunities, embodied and whole – like the great mountaineers of the world, which only the tenacious and resilient can aspire to qualify successfully. (YES)


I am an ARTIST, whole and well, curious and open, projecting love and light and joy in every moment in all dimensions, before all audiences. 


I am a SUCCESS, an instrument of excellence in all areas, including finances, career and relationships.  (YES)


I AM who I am, I AM what I am. Healthy. Happy. Whole. That’s that.  (YES)



Contract for the New Year, Part One