Contract for the New Year, Part Two

Repeat aloud:


1.    I AM NOT judgmental – I am professional, and clear.  (AGREED)


2.    I DO NOT  run away from obstacles in life – I move forward with discipline in order to recognize and anticipate obstacles.  (AGREED)


3.    I DO NOT make money a problem – money is what money does; it should not be a goal; I take ownership of a plan and gather wealth to create credible reality.  (AGREED)


4.    I AM NOT distracted from my path – I use daily meditation to improve concentration and intuition.  (AGREED)


5.    I DO NOT imagine a vague or chaotic future – I create a solid outlook; value working together, combining creates greater outcome; partnership brings global respect.  (AGREED)


6.    I DO NOT react – My entire sense of communication is under my command; I show mercy, I bring hope.  (AGREED)


7.    I DO NOT look to prove anything or be validated by anything or anyone – I cultivate a new instinct; adjust to a new paradigm; create a deeper, higher plane & path.  (AGREED)


8.    I STOP all conflict and insecurity (internal & external) – I stand up for who I am, authentic, completing all obligations with purpose; I inspire to manifest; I speak as inspired, calm and centered . (AGREED)


9. I am of IMPACT & INFLUENCE, in all situations, calm and confident, focused and alert, awake and aware of all the sequences and consequences of my thoughts and actions, living my life masterfully as an art and a science. (AGREED)



Contract for the New Year, Part Two