September Blessing

Yogi Akal Blessing Spirit

May you be calm, in every area of your life, but not so calm that you cannot handle stress. May you be confident in every area of your life, but not so confident that you lose your awareness. May you be at peace, but not so peaceful that you cannot deal with an emergency, the oppression of others, action. May you be at one with everything, but not so much that you cannot perceive the duality of others and correct your own.

A Leader’s Barometer

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Ask your Self at every turn, at every moment, in every conversation – is this progress?   Do not say or do anything unless it is progress.  Is what I am about to do, or doing now advancing one and all?   If so, lead the way;  if not, don’t do it – period.

The Eighth Continent

Eighth continent concept Yogi Akal media guru

At this moment, wherever you are sitting in the world, the sky above you is the equivalent of a large city. Collect all these cities and air spaces around the world and you have an eighth continent – not one of land or ice, but a magnificent and crowded atmosphere filled with people in airplanes. Thousands and thousands of airplanes all over the world are bringing people to this lofty continent, bigger than much of Europe, all of Australia or many Antarctica’s. Enveloping the globe with its unique ecosystem, it has the most diverse population group in the history of the planet. Leading minds must look up as well as forward. The fact is that we are leaving the earth, and this eighth continent is our jumping off point to the cosmos.

The Real Law of Attraction

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The laws of attraction are sacred and earned. They are not to be used to get a date, pull in money or achieve fame. It is not who or what you attract, it is who or what you are attracted to. “Why do I keep attracting this kind of person, problem, success / failure?”  It is solely because you are attracted to it. It is who or what you are drawn to. Whether it brings pain or pleasure, it is what you know, what you crave, and what you will repeat. The magnetic pull is very real, but it originates with what you choose. If you can be privately and ruthlessly honest with your Self, then you have a starting point for acceptance or change. Then you can sit still and let the world come to you – if you can handle it. Master your mind,  master your world.


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As above, so below. Mountains rise above the Earth’s surface and erode over time. Similarly, mountains form on the ocean floor and poke through the ocean’s surface to create islands. Memories are much like these grand peaks. What kind of memories are you creating?

The Third Option

yogi Akal Media Consultant and speaker

Negative and positive never work. One follows the other. Negative begets positive begets negative, etc. Win some, lose some, win some, lose some. Fairness and equity, two sides of the same coin. The circle is never ending, the loop lazily energizing itself. The solution here is to always seek out a third possibility:

From negative or positive to NEUTRAL,

From horizontal or vertical to DIAGONAL,

From pro or con to CREATIVE,

From win or lose to PEACE,

From right or wrong to BEST,

From big or small to BALANCE,

From control or surrender to PRECISION,

From all-about-me or all-about-you to RESPECT,

From emotional or rational to INTUITIVE,

From yes or no to NOW.