Take a Breath

Breath easy with Yogi Akal

When you feel weak, breathe.

When you are angry, breathe.

When you are afraid, breathe.

When you are breathing, meditate.

When you are meditating, become bold.

When you are bold, relax.

When you relax, be grateful.

When you are grateful, breathe.

Practicing Innovation

Yogi Akal Innovation Speaker Lecturer

Whatever you are doing now,

Do it differently.


Go past your pre-conceived limits.  When you feel it is too much, when you feel confronted, you have just begun. Then relax and seed what is possible.  One word, one thought, one action, one penny – with the active consciousness of an innovative mind – can change everything.

The Five Pillars of Safety and Security

yogi akal business consultant
1)  Commitment to Dialogue

Community factions engage in proactive problem solving and ongoing peace making when real dialogue is built into the fabric of governance. A commitment to diverse points of view supports the success of any safety program.


2)  Eradication of Poverty

Every economy, whether a nation, continent, a corporation or a family unit flourishes when it encourages centres of excellence, develops economic independence and healthy interdependence.


3)  Innovation in Security

Although necessary in certain situations, violent enforcement is the least practical, most expensive and worst means to protect societies. Sustainable non-violent safety, security, enforcement and prevention is the foundation for success in 21st century conflict resolution.


4)  Healthy Communities

Building urban hubs with self-contained cores and enlightened design, assures success in the transformation of communities overwhelmed by growth and lack of planning.  Fresh food, streamlined healthcare, upgraded education, beautiful ecosystems, green transport, etc. can be easily provided when innovation is interwoven with development in modern cities of all sizes.


5)  Disciplined Leadership

Non-reactive, disciplined leaders break the rational paradigm and create space for intuition, innovation and authenticity in communication. They win over people from all strata of society and bring the big ideas to reality. There is never a reason to raise one’s voice, but if you must, yell loudly, be calm and fierce – and synchronize the grass roots, corporate influencers and security personnel to one singular peaceful vision.

January 2019

Yogi Akal Media Guru and speaker

Overwhelm comes from poor nerves.  Insecurity comes from poor training.  Stress comes from a misuse of energy.  The sense of defeat and exhaustion comes from emotional reactivity instead of intuitive intelligence. Whether you are responsible for an army, a nation, a company, a family, or a promise, you are always duty bound to assess and correct your Self.  What has been planted long ago, or has been created by you, is now habit.


In this New Year,

let us transform these obvious or hidden patterns

with new choices, alliances and techniques.

May you connect, sustain and expand your success in all areas,

performing seamlessly and consistently,

advancing flawlessly and consciously,

triumphing in spirit,

and creating wealth to steward and share.

The Game of Life

ali baba Yogi Akal life

Many years ago, a group of children passed me by and called out “Hey, Ali Baba!”, intending it as an insult. I immediately turned back to them and said: “OK, what are your wishes. I will grant you three.” Startled and curious they paused and tried to stump me. One said, “I want to be happy”. “Granted”, I said. Another asked for something silly. I asked them if that was all or if they could imagine a little bigger. After a moment, they became serious and asked for qualities, like healing. “Granted”. And thus, we stood on a corner, consulting each other in all seriousness, as if adjusting the planet and all the lives these wonderful young people would touch. They were powerful enough to name their destinies, call out their real intentions, and demand their best. It was sweet, honest, good natured, and above all, peaceful. A moment or three of irreverence had turned to a game of creation. A wish, or a word, is either a blessing or a curse. Once uttered, it has a trajectory. Let us correct and direct our words to peace with the turning of this year to the next.

The Platinum Age

Yogis describe civilization in eras of thousands and millions of years. In ages past, humanity experienced extra-ordinary achievements. Entire races have come and gone. Intuition was highly evolved, but it was always the property of one continent, or one tribe. This is the first time in the history of the planet that human beings have been conscious of one world. The “platinum age” over the next 5,000 years will bring incredible subtlety, requiring a more highly refined intuition. As we grow our knowledge economy with more dramatic developments in science and technology, we need the nervous system to support our advances. Creating systems with machinery will never be as powerful, essential, simple and obvious as human intuition.

Love is Like a River

yogi Akal Media Consultant and speaker

Like a river, a relationship is a living thing with its own unique form, capacity and flow. We admire our rivers. We use them for transport, nutrition, protection, entertainment, etc. We are more and more concerned with not polluting our waterways. Relationships are similar. We travel on them; we are nurtured by them, we play in them, and we hopefully try not to pollute them. Often, once we become familiar, we drop our manners and expect others to deal with our worst behavior. Then we wonder where the noble nature of our collaboration has gone. When you are in a meaningful relationship of any kind, be excellent, be your best, give your best, all the time.

September Blessing

Yogi Akal Blessing Spirit

May you be calm, in every area of your life, but not so calm that you cannot handle stress. May you be confident in every area of your life, but not so confident that you lose your awareness. May you be at peace, but not so peaceful that you cannot deal with an emergency, the oppression of others, action. May you be at one with everything, but not so much that you cannot perceive the duality of others and correct your own.

A Leader’s Barometer

Yogi Akal time master business government

Ask your Self at every turn, at every moment, in every conversation – is this progress?   Do not say or do anything unless it is progress.  Is what I am about to do, or doing now advancing one and all?   If so, lead the way;  if not, don’t do it – period.

The Eighth Continent

Eighth continent concept Yogi Akal media guru

At this moment, wherever you are sitting in the world, the sky above you is the equivalent of a large city. Collect all these cities and air spaces around the world and you have an eighth continent – not one of land or ice, but a magnificent and crowded atmosphere filled with people in airplanes. Thousands and thousands of airplanes all over the world are bringing people to this lofty continent, bigger than much of Europe, all of Australia or many Antarctica’s. Enveloping the globe with its unique ecosystem, it has the most diverse population group in the history of the planet. Leading minds must look up as well as forward. The fact is that we are leaving the earth, and this eighth continent is our jumping off point to the cosmos.