ben and jerry meets with Yogi Akal

Personal and Professional Solutions

Yogi Akal helps corporations and leaders around the world transform and enhance their lives with his unique brand of consulting.  He has gained international renown working with celebrities, key influencers, corporate executives, and high profile media. Yogi Akal provides strategic and transformational models for personal and professional innovation and success.


What clients are saying…

In the realm of business development and finance, Yogi Akal is a master, impacting on every level. He has a unique capacity to identify the strong points and weaknesses of each individual and situation, to help overcome obstacles, to innovate, and to advance profitability. Knowing his network of clients so well allows him to bring together the right people in order to find the perfect balance for the greatest success.”

  • Trikaya Finance, Switzerland


“Yogi Akal strategizes on a world stage – all for maximum results. We trust his judgement and counsel.”

  • JM-Foundation, Brazil


The emergent leaders of today and tomorrow need Yogi Akal. He brings the highest level of integrity and care to all his clients and projects. His work innovating global agri-business has been invaluable to us and our industry at every level.”

  • Agri-Food-City, Nigeria


“Yogi Akal is the real thing. He is more direct and down-to-earth than I ever expected from a Yogi. He is authentic, masterful, extremely insightful and very straightforward. He helps people to articulate their goals and remain focused on achieving them. More than anything else, he is committed to helping people to re-shape and re-approach their world. He is a visionary leader, inspiring and educating the world of tomorrow.”

  • Sydney D’Souza, Communications Consultant And Entrepreneur, Vancouver


“Since working with Yogi Akal our productivity has increased dramatically. Customers are pleased and staff are getting more out of their time. A great investment.”

  • Thomas Canning, Ontario


“My favourite time, my most valuable meeting is talking with Yogi Akal. It refreshes me incredibly. He never tells me what I want to hear. Instead, he always tells me what I need to know.”

  • G. Boodhan, Trinidad


“Yogi Akal gave us the understanding and patience to let things happen in the right time, and the certainty that they will. We saved a fortune because of Yogi Akal’s suggestions.”

  • GRD Sales, Los Angeles


“Yogi Akal has an incredible ability to tune in to the needs of people, families and organizations. His fresh perspective, directness and clarity create an immediate transformational experience. His work has had tremendous impact on our lives and business.”

  • Catskill Centre, New York


“I found Yogi Akal to be more than just the usual consultant. I learned how to think differently about my business and resources, applying fresh perspective and strategy in many areas from planning to management to the bottom line. Distinguishing between problems, issues and goals has been particularly helpful, as I continue to apply this new perspective to save time, maximize resources and create new opportunities.”

  • Amara School, Toronto


“The issue was with one of my patients whose problem has stumped me for some time. Yogi Akal’s consulting changed everything. Now we are communicating much more easily. I’m very grateful for Yogi Akal’s insights.”

  • Washington D. C. Clinic


“Thank you for always not lowering the bar. Your wisdom and the teachings you have passed along, as well as encouragement of keeping up a regular practice, are a reflection of the strong woman I have become.”

  • K. Burjan, Ontario


“Yogi Akal has a special way of giving light to areas that are filled with confusion and doubt; creating a practical calm and an uplifting atmosphere in the realm of business.”

  • Dr. Kamp, New York


“Yogi Akal has created a new paradigm for healing, interpersonal communication and time management. His program is fresh and it works!”

  • Dr. Weisberg, Chicago


“Working with Yogi Akal has been very pivotal for me in my life. He is an amazing teacher and counsellor.”

  •  Kim Poirier, Los Angeles


“Yogi Akal is phenomenal. He helped me to put all the aspects of my self in perspective. In a short time, I was able to see concrete results in my marriage and career.”

  • N. Degagne, Vancouver


“Yogi Akal has impacted my life positively and profoundly. I am experiencing more positive results at home and at work.”

  • I. Munoz, Ecuador


“I never dreamed anything could be so accurate, so healing, and so motivating. I feel re-configured for success.”

  • S. Khalsa, Arizona


“Yogi Akal gave me a whole new sense of who I am, the importance of my life, and the opportunities that lie ahead of me.”

  •  Sangeet, India