Yogi Akal Author and Spokesperson, consultant

Featured in Leading Newspapers and Magazines

Yogi Akal has been a featured columnist and contributor for popular magazines and newspapers around the world, including Globe & Mail, National Post, Montreal Gazette, Toronto Star, Elle, Glamour, Beverly Hills Magazine.  He has often been called upon for expert interviews and references in a diverse range of print media. He has published a variety of newsletters and reports on corporate wellness, Yoga, natural medicine, and social commentary.


Print Testimonials

“Yogi Akal, a stress reduction expert, teacher, media personality, and motivational guru, likens states of mind to gears in a car and claims that changing your mind-set is as simple as shifting those gears… Try out [his] quick mental tune-up.”

  • ELLE Magazine


“Yogi Akal’s [article] is a fun piece that I suggest, especially if you are lucky enough to become a proud parent… It may give you an eye-opening slant on your child.”

  • Beverly Hills Magazine


“Yogi Akal helps people take a closer look at themselves-their qualities and their weaknesses-and to outline their potential. It’s part of a system that’s very old, very organized, very specific, and very sacred.”

  • Montreal Gazette


Print media has included…


  • National Post, Canada
  • Canadian Living Magazine, Canada
  • Metro, Toronto
  • NOW, Toronto
  • Toronto Star, Toronto
  • Tonic Magazine, Globe & Mail, Toronto
  • Yogic Arts and Sciences, Toronto
  • Yoga Therapy and Natural Medicine, Toronto
  • Montreal Gazette, Montreal
  • Ambiance Sante, Healthstyle, Montreal
  • As a Matter of Fact, Vancouver


  • ELLE Magazine, New York
  • Westchester News, New York
  • Beverly Hills Magazine, Los Angeles
  • Healing Options, Vermont
  • Miami Herald, Miami
  • Nuevo Herald, Miami
  • San Diego Entertainer Magazine, San Diego


  • Express, Trinidad
  • Guardian, Trinidad
  • Newsday, Trinidad
  • Mirror, Trinidad


  • Glamour, Mexico