yogi akal speaker for business and consulting

For decades, Yogi Akal has captivated audiences and inspired leaders in business, government, education, healthcare, and humanitarian service. He is a unique figure on the world stage, impactful, enlightening and entertaining. Whether he is addressing doctors in Vancouver, business leaders in New York and Montreal, educators in France and Sweden, or government and military personnel in Trinidad and Tobago, his expertise and sharp delivery educate and elevate.



Yogi Akal delivers every time; his powerful presentation awakens the spirit, uplifts the heart and opens the mind. He brings a unique style and perspective to corporations, institutions and organizations around the world. Whether he is consulting in the board room, teaching a new management team, leading a corporate retreat, or delivering a keynote, he inspires progress, achievement and innovation.



A trusted figure and innovator for every level of government from prime minister to ambassador  to constituency leadership, Yogi Akal is the voice of clarity and strategy, the calm in the storm. He has provided confidential guidance, consulting, and training for diplomats, public servants and military personnel. His transformational programs provide new perspectives for today’s toughest challenges.



From original and groundbreaking work in special needs and stress reduction to recent panels on anti-bullying, gender equality and diversity, Yogi Akal stands out as an advocate for excellence, creative leadership and innovation. In demand as a speaker, consultant and trainer he has inspired students, educators and administrators, pre-K to university.