Renaissance Mind

The Renaissance Mind is Yogi Akal’s newest book and training program for leaders and visionaries.

With The Renaissance Mind, Yogi Akal teaches and expands on the same process he has used with government leaders, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and artists who have achieved breakthroughs and success beyond their expectations with Yogi Akal’s guidance.

In Yogi Akal’s new book, he reveals the secrets of mental and intuitive power that create the greatest success in every aspect of life. He teachers leaders how to access and master The Renaissance Mind and keep it flowing, an indispensable skill for excelling and navigating in the information-saturated 21st century.

In The Renaissance Mind workshops, lectures and corporate programs, those who want an edge today can learn to rise above their current mode of operating, develop their highest mind capacities and broaden their worldview, all with less stress and anxiety. 

In his exclusive executive retreats, Yogi Akal fast tracks The Renaissance Mind process for leaders committed to solving the world’s most pressing problems. He teaches how to rise above any paradigm, how to move the mind forward and how to use aspects of the human ecosystem that most people have yet to encounter, let alone explore. Yogi Akal helps make the impossible possible.

“Those who master The Renaissance Mind will have the strength to become the brilliant leaders of today and the trailblazing pioneers of tomorrow.”

  • Yogi Akal

“Now, for the first time, Yogi Akal is sharing his unique expertise with the world and opening a gateway to progress that is unlimited in every imaginable way.”

  • Windword Literary Services