Renaissance Mind

Through his “Renaissance Mind” books and trainings, Yogi Akal delivers new strategies and techniques for transforming the human mind to intuitive genius, an indispensable skill for excelling in the 21st century. In collaboration with other global visionaries and changemakers, he incubates and develops transcendent and large scale projects that have lasting impact. Through his international network he fosters strategic connections and valuable partnerships for innovation and sustainable success.


Yogi Akal was born in Montreal, Canada and educated in Quebec and New York. He began his career in Vancouver and currently lives in Toronto. Balancing his busy work and travel schedule with home and family, he carves out time to attend his granddaughters’ dance recitals, is a season ticket holder at the opera, works out with his son on a regular basis, and enjoys a life well lived as a modern yogi and Renaissance man.


Yogi Akal’s expansive efforts in waging peace include launching and serving in multiple activist organizations, developing safety and community stabilization programming, and reporting on disasters and inequities. He is the first yogi to be elected to a national board for peace and international security in Canada and served as an NGO representative to the United Nations.


Yogi Akal is a leader in the multi-faith community, at home and around the world. His ground breaking work on social planning, the arts, special needs, homelessness, anti-bullying, gender equality and diversity, has spanned five decades. He participated in the inaugural St. John Ambulance Dog Therapy Program and created “The Blessing of the Animals,” which became a tradition in Toronto and globally. He served as a trainer with the Ontario Swim Officials Association and officiated at the Para Pan Am Games.

Master Yogi

Yogi Akal is a visionary yogi, teacher, counselor and healer who is dedicated to advancing and uplifting humankind. Since 1975 he has traversed the planet training educators and therapists, counselling world leaders, and promoting peace. A pioneer, he was the first yogi to appear on national and international news networks, the first to introduce yoga to various school systems in Canada and the USA, and the first to establish a career oriented and academic institution for Yoga therapy and natural medicine training in Canada. He is a Sikh minister, and the world’s leading authority on Akar Jantri and Das Prakash, two specialized classical systems of Yogic knowledge.

“Every moment is an opportunity for awakening, every heartbeat is an invitation to be awake, every breath a fueling for that light. Every meeting, by chance or deliberate, is an opening for what is best, what is brilliant, what can be revelatory. Every sunrise, every dusk, every achievement, mistake or success, every mind’s eye is a work of art in the science of life. Every act of leadership, every decision of branding, every ounce of gold profit, every crafting of time and space is an opportunity for enlightened design – the bigger the better.”

-Yogi Akal