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A dynamic and compelling speaker, Yogi Akal has conducted hundreds of programs worldwide. His expert thought leadership and sharp presentations educate and elevate audiences while providing new insights on today’s toughest challenges. He brings a unique style and perspective to corporations, institutions and organizations around the world.

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  • The “Renaissance Mind” in the 21st Century
  • Transformative Strategies for Global Leaders
  • Changing the Game on Stress
  • Excuses Are Abuses
  • The Next Generation of Innovative Leadership
  • Custom Events and Trainings

Howard University

“Yogi Akal’s expertise is immensely popular and impactful. His demeanor is absolutely flawless professionalism.”

American Express

“Yogi Akal is an impeccable, innovative, compassionate, intelligent leader and teacher.”

Estée Lauder

“Yogi Akal is not only right on the mark, he’s interesting to listen to, easy to talk with, and fascinating to view. He is fantastic.”

“What we do in the 21st century sets the tone for the next thousand years. If we get it right, we save a lot of time, trouble and suffering. And we can get it right, if we embrace the vastness of our own leading minds. Every person can do this, every person has the keys to their own personal Renaissance.”

– Yogi Akal