Yogi Akal’s new book “Renaissance Mind” will be available soon.

Through a combination of essays, powerful techniques and personal anecdotes, Yogi Akal will shake up your perceptions as he guides you to access and develop your mind in ways you’ve never experienced before.

ExcerptS From the “Renaissance Mind”
CHAPTER 2: Stability and the Leading Mind

“There was a time when the royal families of Europe believed that bathing was for the poor, that personal hygiene was beneath them and would bring them disease. In their ignorance and pretentiousness, they wore very heavy and ornate clothing, invented powders, wigs and perfumes to cover their stench and all the while felt superior to the poor. Once medical science proved that cleanliness was a much better idea, everyone shifted to this new technology. Rich fashion and scents remained, but for different reasons. The paradigm had changed. Bathing became a life-changing and life-saving part of life and duty.

This is where we are now. Emotionality is not empowering or healthful, and once we learn a new kind of personal hygiene for the consciousness, we can live better lives without the stench of a mind untrained. You are in charge.

There has never been a time in the world when people were more intelligent and more limited. Nor has there ever been such an opportunity for accelerating the mind’s capacity. On a very practical level, we are on the verge of one of the greatest shifts in human history. Training our minds for stability and resilience is what will make each of us a leader during this thrilling Renaissance.”

“Confusion is a way to avoid the truth and erode stability. We choose to become confused, to not know or face the truth. When a person gets confused, they’re mismanaging their mind. They’re creating a complicated reaction that becomes untrue. It confuses them. It confuses everyone. Repeated patterns of confusion from the past may become emotions or traumas or mysteries or fantasies, and they develop their own psyche—almost like a spirit of their own—that starts to make demands. It takes over.

The solution is the clarity of a stable leading mind. Life isn’t like a house or a car you own—you cannot control it—but you can control your own discipline. You can be steady and clear as you navigate the inevitable ups and downs of people, events and environments around you. Clarity is power, and discipline is the engine that drives that power. When you know who you are, when you are the driver of your own mind, your internal computer begins to take away the complications, the confusion, that erroneous sense of ownership. You restore the flow of life.”