Recent Work

  • Countering Transnational Crime
  • Peace & Economic Development
  • Award Winning V.V.I.P. Design Brand
  • Agri-Business as the New Oil
  • World Class Sports & Training
  • Crisis Management & Emergency Support

countering transnational crime

“I have had the privilege to work closely with Mr. Yogi Akal, a renowned leadership specialist and global strategist from Canada. We first met when he attended major regional events, as the guest of the High Commissioner. Mr. Akal worked with key influencers, counselled members of the military and led a program for government ministers, mayors & CEO’s. Yogi Akal and I found common ground immediately, and began talks formulating a plan to help improve peace and prosperity in my region, which could be also applied to other international communities. Originally presented in the Caribbean, Yogi Akal co-authored a Safety and Security program that created tangible and outstanding results. Following its initial implementation, the program was presented at several key events, including the Countering Transnational Crime Conference in Germany. Now, the five-point program continues to be referred to and used by a global network of cities and countries.”

G Boodhan, Chaguanas Corporation & Global Strong Cities Network

Peace & Economic development

“As our leadership specialist, Yogi Akal has proven to be instrumental to the success of our regional and international outreach. He has advised at the highest level, contributing to policy, strategy and key public issues. He helped craft powerful messaging on a variety of important topics, and appeared extensively in the media. A global ambassador for diversity, gender equality and multi-faith respect for all spiritual paths, Yogi Akal’s active agenda is essential for peace and economic development in communities everywhere. Standing out as an advocate for excellence and innovation, Yogi Akal has tremendous positive impact on the world stage. We have been very privileged to have his participation and guidance.”

P Buxo, International Investment Forum

Award Winning V.V.I.P. Design Brand

International Expansion and Non Traditional Problem Solving

“Our luxury interior design company had grown over three decades from a successful regional firm to an award winning global corporation. We realized that we were at a cross-roads in leadership, both in style and substance. A fellow CEO who had engaged Yogi Akal’s services in the past encouraged us to reach out to Yogi Akal for new perspectives in moving forward. Although we had often engaged specialists in various stages of corporate growth and problem-solving, we knew we wanted and needed more than a typical consultant. Yogi Akal delivered a powerful non-traditional approach impacting every aspect of our personal and business vision and behaviour. He changed the way we understood our role in the world and how much more we could accomplish.

His eclectic and masterful skill-set along with his dedication to our process created a new atmosphere for us to develop our brand and navigate our international expansion, with calm and certainty. Working with Yogi Akal, we developed a consistent centredness that allowed us to get more done with less energy, in the board room, with clients, and even on the golf course. Yogi Akal continues to advise us and has begun to shepherd a new generation of leaders in our family and business. We are proud to say that we are now collaborating with him on luxury retreat experiences and new design concepts that create meditative spaces and styles for our VVIP market.”

E Perez, Adriana Hoyos Group, Miami-Quito-Qatar

Agri-Business as the New Oil

Innovation, Technology & Environmental Sustainability

“Yogi Akal has been instrumental in supporting innovative and green projects in developing areas. He incubated the original concept for Agri-Food City, and collaborated with us to create a comprehensive agri-business plan that included world class food processing industrial parks, vertical farming, new transportation and distribution hubs, and other innovations in global agriculture, technology and environmental sustainability. He reached out to top level government officials, bankers, financiers, and other stakeholders around the world to promote the project. His vision, messaging, commitment and leadership were exemplary. His work is life-changing.”

B Thomas, Agri-Food City

World Class Sports & Training

 Supporting a New Generation of Women in Business, Leadership & Professional Sports

“Before I flew from Canada to Australia to deliver the biggest speech of my career for an audience of over fifteen thousand people, I reached out to Yogi Akal for pointers on my presentation, for input on my professional speaking and writing career, and particularly for how he could help me better manage stress, anxiety and my very busy schedule. I was also embarking on a new season of coaching my elite university women’s basketball team to win another national championship. I knew that the growing demands of my speaking and writing career as well as the intensity of that next championship win would be more than ever. Although I have always loved the adrenalin of coaching top-level athletes and speaking before a large audience, live or in the media, I knew it was time to move forward in my work (and life) with less tension and reactivity. The initial consultations with Yogi Akal were helpful on all fronts. I learned stress reduction techniques such as meditation and began to see results immediately. I also began working with him to build my expertise and leadership on a much larger scale, and landed on the idea of owning a professional women’s team. He said, “If not you, then who!” He worked with me to form a plan for this expansion. In the midst of it all, I grew calmer than ever; I now coach my team with a lot more energy and no anxiety; I handle pressured and stressful situations at work (and in life) with more ease and centeredness; I sleep better and have more balance; I am clearer and feel consistently excellent in my coaching delivery, as well as in my international outreach as an author and speaker (the Australia speech was a hit!). Most importantly, Yogi Akal is playing a major role in the incubation of my move into the powerful global network of women as leaders and owners of women’s sports organizations. His unwavering commitment to supporting women in business, sport and leadership has helped me to change my understanding of what I can accomplish in the short and long term, and how to get there.”

C Vallée, Head Coach 5-time National Champion; President & CEO SheSports Inc.

Crisis Management & Emergency Support

COVID 19 Pandemic Global Response & Outreach

During the pandemic, Yogi Akal pivoted to produce a variety of virtual trainings and events to serve the greater community during the lock-down:

Emergency Leadership Summits
Private webinar series for invited CEOs, financiers, hospital administrators, and government leaders from around the world. The first summit addressed the global COVID-19 emergency, and subsequent programs focused on world events, security and the future economic landscape.

Powerful self-paced online video program with an optional series of related webinars for individuals and organizations to help cope with difficult times and develop resilience.

Ukraine Outreach
Live webinars and articles dedicated to mental strength, holistic well-being and strategies for success. Online events were translated simultaneously and streamed live to a large audience in Ukraine, other countries in the region, and around the world.

Childrens’ Summit
Webinars for young people that combined frank discussion about world events, and entertaining classes on a variety of subjects, while school was out.

Schaeffer’s Oil

“Yogi Akal has the wisdom of a 21st century leader. His comprehensive understanding of different cultures around the world results in a truly global approach to leadership.”

Trikaya Finance

“Yogi Akal has a unique capacity to innovate and advance profitability. He creates the perfect balance for success. We trust his judgment and counsel.”


“Yogi Akal inspires achievement and innovation with his unique progressive strategies and transformational models for personal and professional leadership.”

There is a genius inside each living being, each soul and this prodigious consciousness moves us individually and collectively, constantly and patiently, from darkness to light in each moment of our life. Each of us goes through this process, in our own way, with our own unique circumstances and capacities. Innovative leadership requires a leap forward, beyond one’s personal process and comfort, always elevating the norm.”

– Yogi Akal