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Humanity needs a Renaissance. Are you in?

Humanity is in the midst of the biggest transformation in our history, a changing of ages on the planet. This remarkable process is happening on every level, for every individual and for humanity as a whole, impacting every aspect of our lives – and it’s happening fast.

While the pace of change is exciting, it comes with great risk. Risk that we may advance our world exponentially, without developing the internal technology and consciousness to reap the rewards of our inevitable progress. Risk that we may get caught up in the speed of progress, without addressing the fundamental problems that create so much of our turmoil.

If we do not enlighten our minds, we’re left with the unfortunate consequences of repeating history – with all of its suffering – and so much of our potential will be unrealized.

So, where do we begin?

We begin with a quantum leap in consciousness – a renaissance of the human mind.

Each and everyone of us must do this for ourselves, and collectively as citizens of the Cosmos. Every single one of us can heal the past, bring peace to the present, and co-create enlightenment for the future.

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For the first time in the history of this planet, we are a global community.

In the micro, within each individual person, we require a new infrastructure, a renovation of our internal home, to experience and express the Self. In the macro, our collective societal home requires an innovative infrastructure to deal with the new reality.

– Yogi Akal