“Yogi Akal helps people get what they want and need out of life!”


“Yogi Akal served on our panel of medical experts to help overseas military personnel and their families deal with stress. The entire program was also broadcast globally for the general public. He was extraordinary.”

20th Century-Fox

“The leaders of today and tomorrow need Yogi Akal. Key influencers benefit from his universal perspective.”


“Yogi Akal is a dynamic, witty and forceful personality. He sparks the interest and confidence of our audience in a way no one else can."

FOX News

“We love having Yogi Akal on air. He is able to turn around even the most skeptical. The audience reaction is always very positive.”

Virgin Media, Dubai

“It is always a pleasure working with Yogi Akal. Our audience loves him!”


“Yogi Akal reaches our audience with aplomb and accuracy in matters of life, leadership, stress reduction and world events alike.”

LBC, London

“When Yogi Akal is on air, the atmosphere takes on the urgency of the first day of the Harrod’s Sale. Sharp elbowed callers wrestle with the phone operators to get on the air with him. Our extraordinary audience ratings are in no small way due to his presence. I didn’t realize that a yogi could be this exciting!”

 Columbia University

“Yogi Akal is a superior speaker with critically needed skills and a very important message.”

Howard University

“Yogi Akal’s expertise is immensely popular and impactful. His demeanor is absolutely flawless professionalism.”

New York Medical College

“Yogi Akal is remarkable. We feel positively invigorated and re-configured for success.”

The New School

“Immediate, tangible results. Enlightening and priceless.”

ELLE Magazine

“Yogi Akal is the real thing. He is an expert at bringing new understanding to challenging subjects, and is an indispensable guide in our rapidly changing world.”

Tribune Entertainment

“Yogi Akal’s television appearances have been our highest rated programs. After one show, over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people were trying to call Yogi immediately!”

MIX-99, Toronto

“Within seconds of speaking with Yogi Akal, it is most evident that he is an extraordinary man who astonishes with his amazing presence. He is that rare combination of someone highly knowledgeable in their field and very media-friendly.”

The Montel Williams Show

“We have had such a great reaction from the audience (both in the studio and the viewers at home). It is a pleasure to have a guest on the show who is so obviously an expert in his field.”

Government of Trinidad and Tobago

“An hour with Yogi Akal is one of the most important investments we have ever made.”

American Express

“Yogi Akal is an impeccable, innovative, compassionate, intelligent leader and teacher.”

Estée Lauder

“Yogi Akal is not only right on the mark, he’s interesting to listen to, easy to talk with, and fascinating to view. He is fantastic.”


“Yogi Akal inspires achievement and innovation with his unique progressive strategies and transformational models for personal and professional leadership.”

Four Seasons

“Meeting with Yogi Akal is an immediate transformational experience. As a trusted figure and innovator, he impacts on every level.”

Strong City Network

“Yogi Akal has a special way of giving light to areas filled with confusion and doubt. He creates a practical calm and an uplifting atmosphere in any situation.”

Trikaya Finance

“Yogi Akal has a unique capacity to innovate and advance profitability. He creates the perfect balance for success.”

Josephine Medical Foundation

“Yogi Akal strategizes on a world stage – all for maximum results. We trust his judgement and counsel.”

Schaeffer's Oil

“Yogi Akal has the wisdom of a 21st century leader. His comprehensive understanding of different cultures around the world results in a truly global approach to leadership."


“As the host of a late night radio show in Montreal and Toronto, I have seen my share of guests come and go. This is a program I have been hosting for 20 years and there is a very small number of guests who have been with me for the entire duration. One of them is Yogi Akal, one of the most popular guests we've ever had. His appearances guaranteed that listeners lined up in anticipation of having the chance to talk to him on air. It’s always a fun, fast-paced program when Yogi is on the show and the information he offers each caller is well received and much appreciated. Over the years, many of our listeners marvel at how helpful his information has been and how enjoyable he is to listen to. I know for a fact that our show has been greatly enriched by the appearances of Yogi Akal.”

– P A H Holder CJAD, Montreal; CFRB, Toronto