Transformative Strategies for Global Leaders


Through his mentoring, consulting and exclusive retreats, Yogi Akal promotes forward-thinking at the highest level. He helps leaders develop global strategies, long-term growth, clear messaging, new perspectives and unshakable presence. His approach has proven to be powerfully effective, inspirational and transformative.

A seasoned and consummate professional speaker, Yogi Akal is a unique figure on the world stage. He is impactful, enlightening and entertaining. He addresses topics that are timely and relevant from his position as an accomplished yogi, leadership specialist and global strategist.

In collaboration with other global visionaries and change makers, Yogi Akal incubates and develops transcendent and large scale projects that have lasting impact. Through his international network he fosters strategic connections and valuable partnerships for sustainable success.

The voice of clarity, strategy and innovation, Yogi Akal is the compass and calm in the storm. His engaging personality and down-to-earth approach have made him a popular global media personality. He delivers expertise and guidance on today’s toughest challenges with new and original perspectives.


"Every moment is an opportunity for awakening, every heartbeat is an invitation to be awake, every breath a fueling for that light. Every meeting, by chance or deliberate, is an opening for what is best, what is brilliant, what can be revelatory. Every sunrise, every dusk, every achievement, mistake or success, every mind’s eye is a work of art in the science of life. Every act of leadership, every decision of branding, every ounce of gold profit, every crafting of time and space is an opportunity for enlightened design - the bigger the better."

- Yogi Akal

Agia Akal Singh Khalsa